End of Life

Animal Communications can ask

  • How they are feeling?
  • What pain level are they experiencing?
  • What do they want?
  • What don’t they like that you are doing?
  • What do they delight in everyday?
  • How much longer do they see themselves living?


  • Plans for when they are ready to go.
  • Medication and food desires.
  • Discomfort and challenges.
  • What you will do after they are gone to replace, recover, heal.

Alison is a miracle worker. For 16 years, she looked over, cared for, and invested her goodness in our Golden-Cocker, Buddy. When Buddy was 18 and frail, she connected with him at a deep level. It comforted us to know that a trusted person could validate and hear Buddy’s state of mind. Alison is a trusted soul who cares deeply and compassionately. She is gifted in bonding with and listening to pets. – Rajeev Rawat