Behavior Issues

Animal Communications can

  • Ask the animal why it is doing the behavior, what is it thinking?
  • Tell the animal how the humans in its life feel about the behavior.
  • Ask the animal if it knows the behavior is annoying or dangerous?
  • Discuss a plan how the animal and human can solve the issue.
  • Agree on a signal for the animal to give its human to prevent the behavior.

Psychic Reading and Healing can

  • Remove energies that contribute to the behavior issue
  • Look at the energetic interaction between other animals in the home or farm
  • Read past lives that are still affecting the animal in this life.


Behavior Modification Training

Karen Pryor Academy where trainers of all kinds of animals learn a reward-based, positive approach. Find a trainer in your area.

Training Literature 

Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor for reward-based positive approach to dealing with challenges with your animal. for literature about all things positive with you and your beloved dog.