Separation Anxiety

Psychic Reading and Healing is a partner in the overall treatment of Separation Anxiety, treatment that includes behavior modification and medication. See Resources below for more information.

Animal Communication can 

  • Ask animal about previous history – and learn to get distance from those memories
  • Ask about fears – and learn to heal those fears

Psychic Reading and Healing can 

  • See any energies that the animal is sensing in its environment
  • Remove energies are are causing irritation
  • Help the animal develop a plan for how it can feel safe and calm
  • Explain the purpose of training to the animal, and how it can cooperate
  • Intuit which medication would be most effective


Behavior Modification Training

Malena DeMartini-Price is a renowned in the dog training world for her expertise in dog separation anxiety disorder. She is the author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Karen Pryor Academy where trainers of all kinds of animals learn a reward-based, positive approach. Find a trainer in your area.

Training Literature 

Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor for reward-based positive approach to dealing with challenges with your animal. for literature about all things positive with you and your beloved dog.


Medical Marijuana for recent uses of cannabis for cats and dogs for a variety of issues.

PetMD list of medications used for anxiety in dogs.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley. If you live in Colorado I highly recommend you talk to Dr. Lesli Groshong or their staff at HSBV. Regular veterinarians don’t have as much experience working with SA dogs as shelter veterinarians do. In other states,  check if your local shelter has veterinary services for the public.

“Alison, I should thank you! Whatever magic you did worked! Four days in a row Mobi shredded the house when I was gone, and after our one hour phone session I came home to a clean, not-shredded house! He was so calm! I don’t think it is a coincidence!” – Karen