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His cat brings kindness.

One day at when doing readings at a local pet store, a man came in with his friend who had scheduled a reading with me for her dog. After hearing amazing things about his friend’s dog, he asked if I could talk to his cat even though the cat was many states away. It’s a “spirit to spirit” conversation, so yes I could talk to his cat! Bodies need not be present to converse!

John explained that a litter of feral kittens had been born on the property of his fiancé, Sue. Every time John came to visit, one of the kittens would greet him in the garden, though it never let John touch him. One cold and rainy day, John found the kitten, soaking wet on the porch. The kitten allowed John to pick him up, bring him inside and wrap him in a warm towel. They decided to adopt him and named him Butters for his buttery brown fur.

John moved in to Sue’s house and while renovating he cut special holes for Butters to slip from room to room. Whenever John came home he would say “heelllooo” and Butters would answer “reerrrooo!” in the exact tone. Butters loved to follow John and Sue while they worked in the garden or house, and Butters would meow and meow.

So we talked to Butters. He told us that he decided to make friends with John because he could see that John was a kind man who helped others. “I saw he needed a pet to be kind to him when he is so kind to others,” Butter said. “I am a very kind cat, and John doesn’t even realize how kind he is. I will show him.”

When we asked him why he meows repetitively he answered, “I’m singing. My siblings all met with terrible ends, but I was lucky to be adopted by John and Sue. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I have to sing about it.”

John returned home and told Sue what Butters had said. She wrote me and confirmed excitedly that everything I had heard from Butters was true. He was a very kind cat and is clearly showing John kindness for all the kindness John shows others.

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