Moyo, a teacher of cats

My clients wanted to ask their 23 year old cat, Moyo, if she was in pain and if she wanted the vet’s help to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. They had even pulled their daughter out of school to say goodbye. Moyo hadn’t been eating and had started urinating outside the litter box.

So we talked to Moyo. But Moyo didn’t want to talk about pain or death, or urination issues. She was very excited to show me the “work” she had been doing teaching the neighborhood cats how to be good cats to their humans. Moyo is an indoor cat and has never met these other cats outside. She invited me to come see her “teaching platform” on the spiritual plane where she meets her cat students.

Moyo said, “That’s why I have lived so long. My long term experience with humans makes me a better teacher.” (My clients are both music teachers! A whole family of teachers!)

Moyo also wanted to tell me about her work with Randy her human “daddy”, a music composer. “When he is composing music he goes far, far away. When I think he has been gone too long, I rub my soft furred body on his skin to remind him come back to earth. I keep him from getting lost. Sometimes I even have to go all the way to where he is on the spiritual plane and show myself to him.” Randy agreed that he has seen Moyo do that for him.

She said she hadn’t noticed the eating or urinating problems saying “I guess because I am old I am spending more and more time out of my body. I forget to take care of it.” I gave her a short psychic healing, removing anything that might contribute to her eating or urination issues.

The change was immediate. She started eating heartily twice a day and using her litter box again. Six months later, 23 year old Moyo is still with us. Still teaching neighbor cats how to live with humans, and retrieving her human daddy from far away.


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